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Capital and the Common Good

Despite social and economic advances around the world, poverty and disease persist, exacerbated by the mounting challenges of climate change, natural disasters, political conflict, mass migration, and economic inequality. While governments commit to addressing these challenges, traditional public and philanthropic dollars are not enough. Here, innovative finance has shown a way forward: by borrowing techniques from the world of finance, we can raise capital for social investments today.

In her new book, Capital and the Common Good, Georgia Levenson Keohane argues that innovative finance is as much about incentives and sound decision making as it is about money; and when it works, innovative finance gives us the tools, motivation, and security to invest in our shared future.

Books will be available for purchase by credit card or check.


Georgia Levenson Keohane
Author, Capital and the Common Good: How Innovative Finance is Tackling the World’s Most Urgent Problems

Michael Crowley
Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Politico