New Capitalism Nurtures People, Not Products

Future prosperity may hinge on creativity and caring and the desire to share skills
Article/Op-Ed in Financial Times
Feb. 19, 2017

Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a piece for the Financial Times about the future of capitalism and the importance of nurturing people over products:

Artificial intelligence is upon us, even as it seems that the real kind may be deserting us. Big technology companies are appointing ethicists to guide the development of machine learning; the prospect of robots and self-driving vehicles has given rise to a cottage industry of books and studies on the “future of work”. How many jobs will be left and what jobs will they be? 
 But we would do well to focus on a much bigger question: the evolution of capitalism itself. We live in revolutionary times, even if pitchforks have been replaced (we hope) by the ballot box. Why not imagine different futures before they are thrust upon us?