Holistic Rehabilitation

Tribal programs help Native American ex-inmates reintegrate after prison
Article/Op-Ed in The Tulsa Voice
f8grapher / Shutterstock.com
Feb. 8, 2018

Kristi Eaton wrote in the Tulsa Voice about a tribal program in Oklahoma that works to rehabilitate former inmates. This story is part of the RiseLocal project of the National Network. 

Leslie Deere has been in and out of Oklahoma prisons twice since 2009, serving time for various drug-related offenses. After 13 years of dealing meth, the 43-year-old said she’s ready and willing to turn her life around.
Thanks to her Native American tribe, she may have a real shot to achieve that goal.
The Muscogee (Creek) Nation, in an effort to help former prisoners re-enter society, offers a reintegration program that provides money for food, new clothes, housing, and help with court costs and fines for tribal members who served time in prison during the last four years.