Holistic Rehabilitation

Kristi Eaton wrote in the Tulsa Voice about a tribal program in Oklahoma that works to rehabilitate former inmates.

How One Mom Changed Lyft's Paid Family Leave Policy

Rebecca Gale wrote for Slate about how one woman was able to generate the momentum to create an expanded paid leave policy within Lyft

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Ricans have sought refuge in Chicago

Martha Bayne wrote for Belt Magazine about the struggle of many Puerto Ricans who fled to continental U.S. cities after Hurricane Maria.

Defend our Haitian Neighbors Before it's Too Late

Adam Echelman wrote for USA Today about the decision to not renew protected status for Haitians in living in the United States.

We Can Prevent Fire Fatalities

Tara McGuinness wrote for US News about how data can help cities prevent fires, and fix other public problems.