New America Launches Project on Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States

Press Release
James R. Martin /
March 8, 2018

New America is pleased to announce the launch of a new project entitled “Anti-Muslim Activities in the United States: Violence, Threats, and Discrimination at the Local Level.” The project, led by director and senior fellow Robert L. McKenzie, documents anti-Muslim activities in the United States from 2012 to the present day.

Drawing on scholarship and data, the project serves as a resource hub for policymakers, elected officials, researchers, reporters, and the public. The project makes it possible for a range of stakeholders to discuss anti-Muslim incidents with a shared set of facts. Is there an increase in anti-Muslim incidents? Where and when have anti-Muslim incidents been at their most pernicious and threatening?

There has been a significant increase in anti-Muslim activities since late 2015, with a clear link to political rhetoric. The project documents that increase by cataloguing 650 separate incidents from 2012 to the present, including outright violence, threats, and discriminatory laws and local ordinances.

You can find the project on New America's In Depth page.