[ONLINE] - Mapping Inequity 1: Learning from the Past to Mobilize Resources


Please note: This event will take place at 1:30-3:00 PM CT / 2:30-4:00 PM ET.

Join New America to learn about two projects that are helping local leaders address looming housing loss and pandemic recovery in communities of color.

As we grow accustomed to inequity, it often becomes part of our physical experience and mindset. Eventually, we may grow so used to it that we stop fighting it. This series explores new projects around the country that are interrogating different types of inequity and finding new creative ways to tackle them.

Our series kicks off with a deeper dive into two incredible projects. In Chicago, Angelique Power leads a broad coalition of nonprofit and foundations that are working to map historic disinvestment and inequity against factors that have exacerbated the impact of the pandemic in Black and Brown neighborhoods. The result? New strategies aimed at allocating resources to marginalized neighborhoods that have been overlooked by philanthropic and investment dollars. Across the Sun Belt, the Future of Land and Housing team at New America has mapped places with exceptionally high eviction and foreclosure rates pre-pandemic. This unique partnership with Datakind, New Practice Lab, and New America Local has given local politicians new information to anticipate a potential epidemic in housing loss following the pandemic and prepare a response.


  • Jennifer Axelrod, Senior Director of Learning and Impact, The Chicago Community Trust
  • Councilperson Lauren Kuby, Tempe, Arizona
  • Angelique Power, President, Field Foundation
  • Tim Robustelli, Policy Analyst, New America


  • Meegan Dugan Bassett, New America Chicago
  • Molly Martin, New America Indianapolis

Hosted by New America Local and the Justice, Health, & Democracy Impact Initiative, a partnership between New America and the Safra Center at Harvard University.