VP Mike Pence Says Government Nabbing 7 Terrorists Or Suspected Terrorists a Day on Southern Border

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Media Outlet: PolitiFact

David Sterman was quoted in a Politifact article analyzing the truth of a statement by VP Pence about border crossings and terrorism:

Another expert helped us identify a seven-a-day claim that has factual footing.

By email, David Sterman, an analyst with the New America think tank, which has compiled information on terrorist activities in the United States after 9/11, pointed out that in January 2018, the Justice Department and Homeland Security released a report supporting a seven-a-day calculation.

....Also by email, Sterman cautioned that being on a watch list "is not the same as being a terrorism suspect. It’s a vast architecture that includes many names for varying levels of concern. Denying entry is a low bar to clear. Which is part of the reason citing this number to defend the immigration-centric counterterrorism strategy is misleading. It’s more of a sign that a lot is already done."

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David Sterman is a senior policy analyst in New America's International Security program. He holds a master's degree from Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies.