The Last Defenders of the NSA

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Media Outlet: The Atlantic

To sum up, Fleitz’s national-security claim is unsubstantiated while skeptics of Section 215 are on solid ground. As Peter Bergen put it in his report for the New America Foundation, “Surveillance of American phone metadata has had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism and only the most marginal of impacts on preventing terrorist-related activity, such as fundraising for a terrorist group.”

In the News:

Bailey Cahall was a policy analyst with the international security Program at the New America Foundation.

Emily Schneider was a senior program associate for the International Security Program at New America.

David Sterman is a senior policy analyst in New America's International Security program. He holds a master's degree from Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies.

Peter Bergen is a journalist, documentary producer, vice president at New America, CNN national security analyst, professor of practice at Arizona State University, and the author or editor of seven books, three of which were New York Times bestsellers and four of which were named among the best non-fiction books of the year by The Washington Post.