Pakistan Security Conference 2015

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Media Outlet: Royal United Services Institute

The Pakistan Security Conference 2015 will bring together leading thinkers, practitioners and government officials to discuss current strategic thinking and prevailing domestic and regional security dilemmas facing Pakistan.

Session Five: Pakistan’s Future - In the format of a moderated discussion between the various participants, this will be a discussion about Pakistan’s future focused around three questions led by the chair. Pakistan is set to become the most populous Muslim nation by 2030 with more than half being under 25. The demographics and security of the entire region will be impacted, but what are the key issues that should focus minds for Pakistan’s future? Speakers include Faiysal Ali Khan, International Security Fellow, New America Foundation.

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Faiysal AliKhan is a fellow in New America's International Security program. AliKhan is the co-founder and CEO of the Foundation for Integrated Development Action, a non-profit organization in Pakistan.