Now is the time for business leaders to dump Trump — for the good of the country

In The News Piece in the Washington Post
June 7, 2017

Thomas E. Ricks was mentioned in the Washington Post for his previous article in Politico:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their … country.
I thought of that variation on the old typing drill (yes, we actually had classes in typing) when I read a recent piece by a former Post colleague, Tom Ricks, in Politico. One of the best military correspondents around, Ricks had come to know and respect former Army general H.R. McMaster, who joined the Trump White House as national security adviser earlier this year. When McMaster was appointed, Ricks was encouraged that someone of such intelligence, integrity and experience would be there to educate the new president and restrain some of his worst instincts. But after watching McMaster contort himself — and the truth — over the last three months in an effort to “lend an air of occasional competence to an otherwise shambolic White House,” Ricks had a change of heart. He took to Politico last week to urge McMaster to resign not just for his own good, but for the good of his country.
Ricks’s plea to McMaster could just as well be directed to the chief executives of the country’s largest corporations, many of whom are gathered in Washington this week for a meeting of the Business Roundtable.