Is Islamic State Losing Ground But Winning the War of Ideas?

In The News Piece in Voice of America
Sept. 18, 2016

Peter Bergen and Doug Ollivant were quoted in Voice of America about the Islamic State: 

Douglas Ollivant, senior vice president of the Mantid International Global Strategic Consulting Group and former director for Iraq at the U.S. National Security Council, believes Islamic State will completely lose all of its territory by the end of this calendar year.
Peter Bergen, vice president of the New America Foundation, agrees. The two argued at a recent event organized by the McCain Institute for International Leadership that those who believe IS is winning are falling into the trap of believing Islamic State's own propaganda. They believe if the group loses territory, it will lose the war.
"ISIS is a geographic entity. That’s why they have attracted so many ‘foreign’ fighters,” Bergen said.
Ollivant attributes increased attacks by the group – especially in the West – to Islamic State's diminished capabilities. “The only aspect in which ISIS has gained traction is in suicide bombings and inspired attacks… This is a sign of weakness, not strength,” Ollivant stated.