If UK is an example, these are surely dystopian times we live in

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Media Outlet: The Australian

David Kilcullen was quoted in an article in The Australian about the second Gulf War:

It was executed ruthlessly, ­expertly and with nerves of steel. And it provoked George W. Bush (with his very intelligent neo-con advisers) into the second Gulf war, which David Kilcullen, the anti-terrorism expert seconded by Condoleezza Rice and now the Washington-based contributing editor for military affairs for this newspaper, described as the greatest act of military folly since Hitler invaded Russia. And then, he added, the American mismanagement of the aftermath of “victory” created Islamic State.

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David Kilcullen is an ASU Future of War senior fellow at New America. He is the founder and chairman of Caerus Global Solutions and First Mile Geo. He served 25 years as an army officer, diplomat and policy advisor for the Australian and U.S. governments.