Fact-Checking Cory Booker's Statistic on Attacks by White Nationalist Hate Groups

In The News Piece in PolitiFact
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Jan. 18, 2018

David Sterman was quoted in a PolitiFact article evaluating a claim by Sen. Booker comparing far-right and Islamist terrorism:

Another source of data on such attacks is the New America Foundation, which found that about 70 percent of deadly attacks are by people motivated by far right views since Sept. 11. However, that includes individuals motivated by views other than white nationalism including more general anti-government views and anti-abortion views.
"Overall, though the definition of the ideologies is a bit too specific in Booker’s comment, it does convey the larger difference in number of deadly attacks from the far right as opposed to other motives though it is important to note that jihadists have killed more people despite carrying out fewer attacks," said David Sterman, New America analyst.