FAA Announces Plan to Regulate Recreational Drone Use

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Media Outlet: KQED (NPR)

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will require recreational drone users to register their aircraft, in light of U.S. airplane pilots reporting more than 100 sightings or close calls with drones per month. The agency hopes to have the details of its registration system sorted out by the holiday shopping season, a timeline that many say is not feasible. Critics claim that a drone registration system would be ineffective in improving safety and would hurt the drone industry. Join us as we discuss the FAA's recent announcement and take a look at the future of recreational drone use. Guests include Faine Greenwood, field analyst, New America Foundation.

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Faine Greenwood was a Field Analyst in the International Security Program at New America, where she studied the international development potential of unmanned aerial vehicles, with a particular focus on their usage for protecting land rights in developing nations.