Certain Muslim Immigrants Should Be Under Long-Term Surveillance, a DHS Draft Report Urges

In The News Piece in the Washington Post
Feb. 6, 2018

David Sterman spoke to the Washington Post regarding a leaked DHS memo that called for surveillance of 'at-risk' Muslim immigrants:

David Sterman, a policy analyst at the liberal-leaning think tank New America, said he is concerned about the disconnect between the findings of the draft report — such as how most of the people behind the terrorist attacks were living in the United States for a long period of time — and its conclusion that Sunni Muslim immigrants should be tracked on a long-term basis.

“[The problem] isn’t that they collected this data. It’s that the data that underlies it has been connected to a set of interpretations and conclusions . . . that can’t be drawn from how this report was structured,” he said.