Access Pollywood: The Military Cleans Up In ‘The Burden’

In The News Piece in Access Pollywood: The Military Cleans Up In ‘The Burden’
April 1, 2015

One of the panelists, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs Sharon Burke shared with Washington Life her thoughts on the film: “Originally, I was apprehensive about the film, because it’s a complicated story to tell if you’re going to be true to the military mission,” Burke said. “I worried it was either going to indict the U.S. armed forces for being profligate or hail them for being energy saviors, when neither is fair. What I saw instead was a good description of what energy security means for the military. It was actually very moving for me to see not only firsthand accounts of service members in the fight, but also the footage of them actually doing the job of moving fuel. What I saw on screen was consistent with what I saw in my job at the Department of Defense.