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Selective Leviathans: Explaining State Strategies of Counterinsurgency and Consolidation | Précis

In the second half of the twentieth century, civil wars eclipsed inter–state war as the "far greater scourge" in terms of death toll, durati

Countering Others' Insurgencies | RAND

**RAND** - This study examines the counterinsurgency strategies and practices adopted by threatened regimes and the conditions under which U

Bloggingheads TV Discussion between Robert Wright and Lisa Goldman |

New America's Robert Wright and Lisa Goldman discuss the Gaza conflict.

Syrian Civil Society Strives to Rebuild Communities | Syria Deeply

New America Foundation's Leila Hillal describes how local councils have tried to manage and rebuild Syrian communities.

Kerry to Focus on India-us Ties in His Speech Today | Hindustan Times

Anish Goel, a former White House official dealing with India, said, "I am optimistic about the coming summit, but don't expect a major break

The Biden Agenda | New Yorker

Tom Rick's take on Biden's judgement of Iraq and Afghanistan

The Gaza war has done terrible things to Israeli society | The Globe and Mail

Earlier this month, one of Israel’s most famous writers announced in his weekly newspaper column that he was packing up his family and movin

What's Different This Time | The Weekly Wonk

As Israel begins another day of Operation Protective Edge, its assault on Gaza, the country also faces an ending that’s going relatively unn

Israel's Ground Invasion of Gaza | Ian Masters Background Briefing

A discussion with Lisa Goldman, the Director of the Israel-Palestine Initiative, on the apparent symbiotic relationship between Israeli and

A Lose-Lose Game | CTV

Lisa Goldman is interviewed on why an Israel ground offensive could have terrible consequences

Air Canada Cancels Flight to Tel Aviv over Safety Concerns | CTV

Air Canada is among the airlines that cancelled a flight to Tel Aviv Tuesday after reports a rocket exploded not far from the city’s Ben Gur

Why Israel Is Losing the Social Media War over Gaza | Channel 4 News

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