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Islamic State in Iraq and Syria | Council on Foreign Relations

For al-Qaeda, attaching its name to Zarqawi's activities enabled it to maintain relevance even as its core forces were destroyed [in Afghani

Last-ditch Efforts May Fail to Save Gaza Truce | Aljazeera America

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Washington, DC, Leila Hilal, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, said: "We could very well see a resu

Will U.S. Troops Stand By While ISIS Starves Thousands? | Daily Beast

The situation is dire, but legal constraints may limit U.S. options for direct assistance to the Kurds, said Douglas Ollivant, a former U.S.

Can a Rebuilt Gaza Build Economy? | Marketplace

Leila Hilal, senior fellow at the New America Foundation, said Gaza has human capital that could drive economic development.

Israel, Hamas to Negotiate New Gaza Border Deal Amidst Truce | CTV

Lisa Goldman on outlines of a Gaza solution after a tentative Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Is Perpetual War Now A Part Of The U.S. Psyche? | Huffington Post

How has the collective American psyche shifted since the 9/11 attack? HuffPost Live's "Always At War" series looks into the evolution of U.S

What Are America's Interests In Israel? | Huffington Post

Today HuffPost Live's "Always At War" series looks at how U.S. foreign policy is integrally entwined with Israel.

Why even the toughest sanctions on Russia may not change Putin's behavior | Vox

In light of the Malaysia Airlines tragedy and mounting unrest in Ukraine, the European Union and the United States have moved to impose new

Containing the ISIS Threat | The Epoch Times

To defeat your enemy, you should know your enemy. If the heart of today’s challenge in Iraq is the Islamic State, then we must neutralize it

Selective Leviathans: Explaining State Strategies of Counterinsurgency and Consolidation | Précis

In the second half of the twentieth century, civil wars eclipsed inter–state war as the "far greater scourge" in terms of death toll, durati

Countering Others' Insurgencies | RAND

**RAND** - This study examines the counterinsurgency strategies and practices adopted by threatened regimes and the conditions under which U

Syrian Civil Society Strives to Rebuild Communities | Syria Deeply

New America Foundation's Leila Hillal describes how local councils have tried to manage and rebuild Syrian communities.