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U.S. Has Occasional Contact With North Korea Diplomats

Suzanne DiMaggio joined National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" program to discuss the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea.

U.S. Sees 300 Violent Attacks Inspired by Far Right Every Year

Peter Bergen appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss terrorist attacks carried out by right-wing extremists in America.

U.S. Missile Defense System "Accurate" But "Not Foolproof"

Douglas Ollivant joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the escalating tension on the Korean peninsula.

Doha ‘losing fight for US public opinion’

Oubai Shahbandar was quoted in a Arab News article about Qatar's losing battle to win a favorable U.S. public opinion.

Will IS Losses in Iraq, Syria Boost al-Qaida?

Joshua Geltzer was quoted on a VOA News article about the effects of recent IS losses in Iraq and Syria

US Fires Warning Shots to Stop Iran Navy Vessel in Gulf

Oubai Shahbandar was quoted in an article by Arab News regarding the US firing warning shots to stop an Iranian Navy vessel.

Florida Killings: Radical Islam And The Far Right, Under One Roof

Peter Bergen was quoted in an article by NPR about far right-wing terrorism

North Korea Missile Test: U.S. Should Consider Talks With Kim Jong-Un's Regime, Says Nuclear Weapons Expert

Suzane DiMaggio was interviewed by Newsweek about steps the U.S. should take following North Korea's most recent missile launch.

Devastation in Mosul: Iraq Seizes City from ISIS, But Battle Left Thousands Dead & 700,000 Displaced

Azmat Khan spoke on Democracy Now! about the devastation in Mosul from the liberation of ISIS control.

Henry Jackson Society criticized for spurious Saudi report

Oubai Shahbandar was quoted in Arab News regarding the recent report on foreign-funded Islamic extremism by the Henry Jackson Society

Qatar Crisis Raises Questions About Defining Terrorism

Christopher Mellon was quoted in the Associated Press about Qatar, and the article cited his paper, To Pay Ransom or Not to Pay Ransom.

New Army Technology Enables Simultaneous Multiple Drone Control

Peter Singer was quoted in an article by Defense Systems about cost advantages of new Army technologies.