In The News

Henry Jackson Society criticized for spurious Saudi report

Oubai Shahbandar was quoted in Arab News regarding the recent report on foreign-funded Islamic extremism by the Henry Jackson Society

New Army Technology Enables Simultaneous Multiple Drone Control

Peter Singer was quoted in an article by Defense Systems about cost advantages of new Army technologies.

The Rocky Path Toward Kurdish Independence

Douglas Ollivant was featured in a podcast by Foreign Policy, titled The Backstory, where he discussed Kurdish independence.

Vince Bzdek: Freedoms in First Amendment rise above Americans' differences

Thomas E. Ricks was mentioned in an article by the Gazette about his new book and the lessons that come from it

It's too Late to Stop China From Becoming an AI Superpower

Peter Singer was quoted in an article by Wired Magazine about artificial intelligence

How to be a Horizontal and Vertical Leader at the Same Time

Chris Fussell's new book is highlighted in a Forbes article about the merits of horizontal leadership.

Trump’s Travel Ban Still Doesn’t Make Any Sense

A Washington Post article about the problems with President Trump's travel ban, quoted a New America report.

Air-to-air combat is back: How will the Air Force respond as the war over Syria heats up?

Peter Singer was quoted in an article by the Air Force Times about air combat in Syria

If UK is an example, these are surely dystopian times we live in

David Kilcullen was quoted in an article in The Australian about the second Gulf War

Journalists Missed Concerns Raised by Grenfell Residents' Blog - but Specialist Mag Sounded Alarm on Tower Block Fire Safety

Peter Apps was interviewed about the Grenfell Tower fire in London, and he cited his previous concerns about the safety of the structure.

Trump's Shameful Habit of All But Ignoring Attacks on Muslims

Albert Ford is quoted in Rolling Stone about Trump's reactions to attacks on Muslims

Not All Terrorists Are Muslims: As the Past Week Should Remind Us, Political Violence Is Not Restricted by Race, Religion or Ideology

Albert Ford was quoted in Salon about the many different forms of terrorist attacks.