A provocative investigation on military drones

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Media Outlet: Gulf News 

The downsides, though, are considerable. Drone attacks induce a “siege mentality” in the civilian population, Kilcullen suggested. One tribal leader in Pakistan told Steve Coll of the New Yorker that the amount of time a drone spends hovering above its target before it unleashes its weaponry — days, sometimes, rather than hours — has “turned people into psychiatric patients”. (Chamayou neglects this temporal aspect of drone warfare, which is surely part of what makes it so distinctive — and so distinctively unsettling.

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David Kilcullen is an ASU Future of War senior fellow at New America. He is the founder and chairman of Caerus Global Solutions and First Mile Geo. He served 25 years as an army officer, diplomat and policy advisor for the Australian and U.S. governments.