About Future of War

Photo: Gabrielle Demczuk / New America

The Future of War project brings together a collection of experts across sectors to address key issues and challenges arising from the changing nature of conflict and war. Developments both in the technological drivers of warfare and the enemies we face have erased the boundaries between what we have traditionally regarded as “war” and “peace.”

Today, we are at a major inflection point, one in which technology is reshaping the way wars are fought. The future of warfare will be shaped by new technologies such as: the role of ever-smaller drones and robots on the battlefield; offensive cyber war capabilities; extraordinary surveillance capabilities, both on the battlefield and of particular individuals; greater reliance on Special Operations Forces operating in non-conventional conflicts; and the militarization of space.

The Future of War project addresses these issues by convening some of the most creative and influential thinkers, writers and decision-makers dealing with war and conflict to develop bold conceptual frameworks, create legal and policy proposals, and write and talk about the future of war in a manner that attracts interest and public engagement.

Our Objectives

New America is in a unique position to describe the future of warfare in the next decade or more, predict its likely impact on the state and other forms of social organization, do the heavy theoretical lifting that will develop a new paradigm for armed conflict/systematic violence across borders, and prescribe the laws and international protocols necessary to help govern that future.