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Online Discussion: Projecting the fight against ISIS

After weeks of bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq, the United States is fully engaged in another military campaign in the Middle East. But many have doubts that the United States can eliminate ISIS without boots on the ground. With territory nestled between Iraq and Syria, financing from illicit oil sales, and a savvy social media operation, ISIS is more than a state in name.

In this special online discussion, counterterrorism experts Douglas Ollivant, a Senior National Security Fellow at New America, and Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism research fellow at New America, will discuss where the strategy to defeat ISIS could go from here.

Those who RSVP will receive a YouTube link to watch the discussion live.

Join the conversation online, and ask questions before and during the event by tweeting @newamerica, or using #ISILHangout.


Douglas A. Ollivant
ASU Future of War Senior Fellow, International Security Program, New America
Former NSC Director for Iraq

Brian Fishman
Counterterrorism Research Fellow, National Security Studies Program, New America