Online Discussion: Preventing a Homegrown Attack

After the attacks in Canada, how should our law enforcement agencies handle the threat of homegrown terrorism?

After the recent homegrown terrorist attacks in Canada, how can law enforcement agencies eliminate the risk of further attacks? And just as importantly, how can they do it in a way that does not infringe on civil liberties?

Join us for an online discussion with Shane Harris of Foreign Policy, and Margaret Hu, an Assistant Professor of Law and Washington and Lee Law School, as we discuss the threat of homegrown terrorism, and methods of stopping further attacks.

Those who RSVP will receive a youtube link to watch live. You can ask questions before or during the event by tweeting #HomegrownHangout, or by tweeting @NewAmerica.


Shane Harris
Senior Writer, Foreign Policy
ASU Future of War Fellow, New America

Margaret Hu
Assistant Professor of Law, Washington and Lee Law School