The Future of Euro-Atlantic Conditionality


The prospect of integrating with European-Atlantic institutional structures–whether the European Union, NATO, or other trade or security arrangements–has long been among the West’s strongest tools for projecting influence and incentivizing liberal reforms. Yet today, these same structures are challenged by economic stress, fragmentation, “expansion fatigue,” and even by the President of the United States questioning their value. What is the future of Euro-Atlantic conditionality? Will it remain a powerful tool for Western interests? Can the case for liberal reform be made on its own merits?

Join New America's International Security program as they welcome Atlantic Council Research Fellow Laura Linderman and Eurasia Democratic Security Network Fellow Lincoln Mitchell to discuss these issues with New America International Security Fellow Michael Cecire.


Lincoln Mitchell, @LincolnMitchell
Fellow, Eurasia Democratic Security Network
Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, Columbia University

Laura Linderman, @ljlinderman
Research Fellow, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council


Michael Cecire
Fellow, New America International Security program