The Beltway and the Ivory Tower: Bridging the Gap


The gap between policy and academic research has bedeviled national security policy for years. What are the roots of this challenge and how can it be addressed? What kind of research do foreign policymakers want? How should we evaluate policy relevance and can it be ranked? Can blogs help bridge the gap? These questions are critical not only for policymakers but for the academic fields of research as well.

To discuss these issues, New America is pleased to welcome Dr. Paul Avey, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech; Dr. Michael Desch, a professor and Director of the International Security Center at the University of Notre Dame; Dr. Peter Campbell, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Baylor University; and Dr. Susan Peterson, Professor of Government at The College of William and Mary. The panel members are part of the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Bridging the Gap project.

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Paul Avey
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Virginia Tech

Peter Campbell
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Baylor University

Michael Desch, @mcdesch
Professor and Director, International Security Center at the University of Notre Dame

Susan Peterson
Professor and Director, Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations at William and Mary


Peter Bergen, @peterbergencnn
Vice President, New America