Afghanistan in Crisis: Where to Go From Here


The security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. The massive truck bomb in Kabul that killed dozens highlights the crisis just as the Trump administration considers what direction it should take U.S. policy regarding America’s longest war. What steps will the Trump administration take, and what policy should it adopt? How should the United States weigh the costs and benefits of the various options on the table.

To discuss these issues, New America welcomes Peter Bergen, Vice President of New America, John Dempsey, a fellow with New America’s International Security Program, and Ioannis Koskinas, a senior fellow with New America’s International Security Program who has been based in Afghanistan for the past seven years. Dempsey is the former senior advisor to Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke and his successors in the State Department’s Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he oversaw U.S. government rule of law and elections policy in the region from 2009-2016. Koskinas focuses on foreign policy issues with an emphasis on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and the Levant. He is the CEO of the Hoplite Group, a company focused on sustainable and innovative solutions to complex problems, in the most challenging environments and harshest conditions.


Peter Bergen@peterbergencnn
Vice President, New America

John Dempsey
Fellow, New America International Security Program

Ioannis Koskinas@Gianni_in_Kabul
Senior Fellow, New America International Security Program
CEO, Hoplite Group


Awista Ayub
Deputy Director, New America Fellows Program
Author, Kabul Girls Soccer Club