Why the Climate March Matters in the Era of Trump

Saturday's protest might not change minds in the Trump administration, but it will be important nevertheless
Article/Op-Ed in Rolling Stone
April 28, 2017

Jeff Goodell wrote for Rolling Stone on the importance of the March for Science to raise the profile of the climate movement:

This fight is not a fairy tale, but a long, tough guerrilla war. But Saturday's event matters – because marching in the streets, side-by-side, arm-in-arm, is the most powerful form of political protest humans have yet invented. There is something primal about a march, something that no viral email campaign or online petition can match. Even monkeys understand the power of crowds. However peaceful the march may be, however spirited and disciplined the protest, there is also something dangerous about a boisterous crowd in the streets that makes people pay attention. After all, it is not such a long way from singing "We shall overcome" to demanding the king's head on the guillotine.