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US at Crossroads on Drone Ops

Luke Hartigwrote for CNN about the United States' policy toward drones: 

While much of the debate over America's security policy during this presidential campaign has centered on the response to specific attacks -- Brussels, Orlando, Nice -- a remarkable thing happened earlier this month. Quietly, without much attention, the Obama administration released an important policy document into the public domain, one that has previously been classified at the highest levels, but which was released with surprisingly few redactions.
It's probably not surprising that the document didn't generate many headlines. Released under pressure from litigation, the Presidential Policy Guidance "Procedures for Approving Direct Action Outside the United States and Areas of Active Hostilities" is a bureaucratic sounding paper.
But the content of the document -- otherwise known as the PPG, provides the first comprehensive articulation of one of the United States' most controversial policies: the use of drones.