Trump's Recycled Afghanistan Policy

Campaign-trail rhetoric aside, his inability to define victory was the most troubling part of his speech.
Article/Op-Ed in The Atlantic
US Army, Pfc. Gabriel Silva (The Old Guard Public Affairs Office)
Aug. 22, 2017

Joshua Geltzer wrote for the Atlantic on the lack of new ideas in President Trump's Afghanistan strategy:

President Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan on Monday night wasn’t remarkable for it’s new ideas—there wasn’t much new to be found. There wasn’t, as administration officials had led many to expect, a new number for the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, or a new approach to Pakistan, or a new regional strategy for South Asia.
Instead, Trump’s speech was remarkable for what was old. It represented a return to themes of the campaign trail for a candidate who insisted that he could and would carry out foreign policy better than his predecessors—George W. Bush and Barack Obama, alike—without actually grappling with how.