Trump's EPA Pick Is the Fossil-Fuel Industry's Con Man

Scott Pruitt is most notable for the many lawsuits he's filed against the agency he's now supposed to lead

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Media Outlet: Rolling Stone

Jeff Goodell wrote for Rolling Stone about Scott Pruitt, an ally of the fossil-fuel industry, and Donald Trump's choice for EPA Administrator:

As head of the EPA, Pruitt's real job will be to pump up the fossil-fuel bubble. You can expect regulations will be rolled back, enforcement neutered, science tweaked. The goal here is not to help the people of coal country who voted for Trump keep their jobs a little longer, but to boost the stock prices of companies like Peabody Energy, the coal giant and major force in the climate-denial industry that declared bankruptcy last year and has been struggling to rebound.


Jeff Goodell was a Class of 2016 & 2017 New America Fellow, working on a book about the impact of sea level rise on Miami, and other cities around the world. He is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and the author of five books.