Trump Needs More Than 100 Days on Syria

Article/Op-Ed in The Cipher Brief
April 28, 2017

Barak Barfi wrote for The Cipher Brief on how the Trump administration's Syria policy is still underdeveloped:

Since President Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, the 100-day mark has served as a barometer of the course a president’s administration will charter. However, for a neophyte politician with a skeletal staff, such as Trump, it will take more time to gauge successes and failures. Without a policy speech in which he clearly delineates his Syria strategy, it will be left to military spokesmen and the occasional Cabinet secretary’s statement to explain bits and pieces of that policy as the Administration reacts to tactical events. Such an improvised approach will not end the Syrian civil war. Rather it will only expose the president to the same kind of criticism that stigmatized his predecessor.