Tencent Gives its Two Cents on World War III

Article/Op-Ed in Popular Science
Sept. 15, 2015

Tencent, one of China's Internet commerce giants, released a chest pumping (but visually accurate) CGI video of a victorious PLA in time for China's 70th VJ day parade on September 3, 2015. Just like a recent technothriller featuring an unprovoked sneak attack on US soil (ghostfleetbook.com), Tencent's five minute video begins with a nighttime airstrike on a Chinese air base by a "foreign alliance" (0:11). We then move to morning, where news casts show the Chinese version of Pearl Harbor, where the destroyed "783" Y-20 heavy transport aircraft prototype, amidst smoldering runways, stands in for the USS Arizona (0:39). In a high tech command center, an angry general's fist slams the table (0:53) before the Chinese counterattack is launched.