Observations From the Manama Dialogue

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Photo: Flickr / James N. Mattis
Media Outlet: TRT World

Oubai Shahbandar wrote for TRT World about the highlights of a recent conference of the Middle East's military and diplomatic leaders: 

Leaders from the Arab world expressed many solutions to the dilemmas facing the Arab world, but the status quo almost guarantees that the implementation of these ideas is unlikely.

As ministers of defence and senior diplomats from around the globe gathered in Bahrain this weekend for the Manama Dialogue, one common theme in the various bilateral meetings and discussions was the issue of Iranian influence in regional affairs, and concerns of Tehran's sponsorship of international terrorism.

Notable however, was the stark contravening viewpoint towards Iran from the Iraqi delegation led by Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari and national security advisor Falah Fayyad. 


Oubai Shahbandar is a fellow in New America's International Security program. He is a former defense intelligence officer and Department of Defense foreign affairs specialist with over a decade of experience.