It Could Be a Long, Deadly Ramadan

Article/Op-Ed in CNN
May 31, 2017

Peter Bergen wrote for CNN about ISIS attacking during Ramadan: 

Wednesday's truck bomb in Kabul that killed at least 90 and injured 400 others augurs for what could be a deadly Ramadan, the holy Islamic month that began on Friday.
In the past, Ramadan was treated as a month for peace and tranquility. UN envoys, world leaders and even rebel groups would call for cease-fires in their respective parts of the world.
But ISIS has other ideas. Though Ramadan is a month when the vast majority of Muslims are fasting and praying, ISIS asks its followers to commit heinous acts of terror.
This year was no different. ISIS called for attacks during Ramadan on a YouTube channel and in one of its popular webzines, Rumiyah.