Iran’s Mysterious American Prisoner Claimed He Was an FBI Informant. Oops.

Article/Op-Ed in the Daily Beast
Jan. 26, 2016

Shane Harris wrote for the Daily Beast about an Iranian-American released from an Iranian prison: 

In news photos showing the four Americans released from prisons in Iran this month, one man appears only as a silhouette: Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari. There is no known photograph of him, and that name doesn’t show up in several public record searches. Khosravi himself doesn’t appear to have a social media account. He is as close to anonymous as one can be today.

But based on interviews with current and former officials who know some of the details of Khosravi’s case, a picture is emerging of the mysterious fourth man, and not a flattering one.

Khosravi, who has been described as a businessman specializing in the design and sale of carpets and rugs, may also have been an ambitious huckster with an overeager imagination and a penchant for telling wild stories—tales that landed him in an Iranian jail.