Bomb First, Don't Explain Later: Trump's Failure to Justify His Use of Force

Article/Op-Ed in CNN
April 22, 2017

Joshua Geltzer wrote for CNN on President Trump's failure to explain the expansion of the use of U.S. military force:

From an early commando raid in Yemen to expanded permission to strike terrorists in Somalia to apparently rising noncombatant casualties in Iraq and Syria to -- perhaps most notably -- the launching of Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian government airfield, President Trump has demonstrated rapidly and perhaps quite purposefully his intent to rely heavily on American military might.
But he has failed to accompany that with meaningful explanations of the legal and strategic foundations for these more muscular approaches in various theaters of combat. How our government explains its use of military force in pursuit of political objectives is not, however, a quaint nod to transparency or the demands of the media but, instead, a critical vehicle for ensuring that its goals are achieved.