Assad Must Be Hit Again – and Again

The United Nations Security Council process to hold Assad accountable through a multilateral international consensus is hopelessly moribund
Article/Op-Ed in TRT World
April 24, 2017

Oubai Shahbandar wrote for TRT World about why the United States should continue launching missile strikes against the Assad regime in Syria:

Should the United States launch a second round of air or missile strikes against Bashar al-Assad's airforce? Iran and Russia recently convened along with the Assad regime to send a united message to Washington that future strikes would not be tolerated. Though it was not clear what tangible response – if any – the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis could realistically be expected to use in retaliation against the US.
President Donald Trump seems to have outmanuevered the Kremlin and the Ayatollah. His national security advisor and Secretary of Defense have signaled that the US is ready to use military force again if necessary against the Assad regime. Nonetheless, the Trump administration continues to face broad criticism on the domestic front for enabling a more robust American military posture in the Middle East.