When passenger jets mysteriously disappear

Nothing gets conspiracy theorists going more than a passenger plane crashing under mysterious circumstances.

Forecasts of terrorist apocalypse? Never mind

One topic where pundits, politicians and prognosticators of every persuasion don't have any problem about making pessimistic predictions is

Target an American with drones?

President Barack Obama is the first American president known to have authorized the assassination of a US citizen.

A terror group too brutal for al Qaeda?

When even al Qaeda publicly rejects you because you are too brutal, it's likely a reasonable indicator that you are. A long simmering disput

NSA and your phone records: What should Obama do?

On Friday President Obama will address the nation about the NSA's controversial surveillance programs. He is expected to announce some subst

Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East

From around Aleppo in western Syria to small areas of Falluja in central Iraq, al Qaeda now controls territory that stretches more than 400

U.S. needs to stay in Afghanistan

This U.S. military presence in Afghanistan doesn't have to be a large, nor does it need to play a combat role, but U.S. troops should remain

Would NSA surveillance have stopped 9/11 plot?

The Obama administration has framed its defense of the controversial bulk collection of all American phone records as necessary to prevent a

Is al Qaeda outdoing the U.S. on truth telling?

Yet, in Yemen where the U.S. has been fighting a small, undeclared war for the past four years, we have now arrived at the ironic point wher

Hyping the terror threat?

But is there any real reason to think that Americans are no safer than was the case a couple of years back? Not according to a study by the

Did Obama keep his drone promises?

On May 23, President Barack Obama gave a major speech at the National Defense University in Washington stating his intention to recalibrate

Good thing U.S. terrorist hunters weren't furloughed

For the past five days the pirates had taken hostage Richard Phillips, the American captain of the Maersk Alabama container ship.President B