Pterodactyl Drones In Chinese Air Force Service

Recently, photos have appeared of an active duty Pterodactyl UAV being towed into take off position in the PLAAF 38th Division. This photo

The Islamic State of Sexual Violence

The jihadists' rape campaign in Iraq and Syria is not a women's issue. It is a terror tactic and a crime against humanity. So why won't anyo

Did Obama sell his ISIS strategy?

CNN asked for views on President Obama's speech, in which he outlined his administration's plans for addressing the threat posed by the Isla

The War Of Zeros And Ones

Military operations around the world are quickly expanding into the digital realm. With cyberwarfare, we’re all in the line of fire.

America Has an Unannounced ISIS Strategy, and It Involves Iran

“The ground coalitions we’re supporting with air power are uniquely different in each case,” said Doug Ollivant, a former advisor to Gen. Da

ISIS threat to U.S. mostly hype

ISIS has Americans worried. But are such fears really justified? Despite the impression you may have had from listening to U.S. officials in

What's the hot national security phrase of this week? Seems to be 'potential threat'

Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, repeatedly used one phrase to describe the likelihood of Islamic State

Afghanistan Is STILL Not Iraq (Post-Karzai Edition)

The storyline may seem uncomfortably familiar. A mercurial leader who’s fallen from savior to trouble-maker in the eyes of the West. An elec

Biggest "Anti-Terrorist" Exercise In The World Stars Chinese Drones, Russian Troops And A Ukraine-Inspired Wargame

This year's Peace Mission 2014 is the largest of the annual Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) "anti-terrorist" military exercise to da

The man who hunted bin Laden, Saddam, and the Pirates

"Revered" is the word you often hear about McRaven in the special operations community.

When Americans leave for jihad

McCain is the first American known to have been killed while fighting for ISIS. But he is not the only American drawn to the group or to al

An Americans gateway to jihad

On Wednesday, a propaganda video appeared on the Internet featuring Moner Abu-Salha, the U.S. citizen from Florida who died conducting a sui