About Us

The International Security program aims to provide evidence-based analysis of some of the toughest security challenges facing American policymakers and the public. Our research has addressed homegrown American terrorism, the development and nature of ISIS’ networks in the West, the United States’ drone wars abroad, the collapse of the American monopoly on armed drones and the proliferation of drones around the world, and the profound changes in warfare wrought by new technology and societal changes. The program also examines regional security issues, with a particular focus on the Middle East and South Asia.

The program is directed by Peter Bergen, and staffed by David Sterman, a Policy Analyst, Alyssa Sims, a Program Associate, and Albert Ford, a Research Assistant with the program.         

Funding for the International Security program’s efforts is provided by a number of organizational grants, as well as the generous donations of several individuals on the program’s Advisory Council:


Arizona State University

Brown Advisory

Carnegie Corporation of New York

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Open Society Foundations

Smith Richardson Foundation


Chip Kaye, co-chair

Tom Freston

Fred Hassan

Rita Hauser

Bob Niehaus