Journalism in Hostile Environments: Perspectives from the Field

Arwa Damon/CNN

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) and the International Reporting Project (IRP) are pleased to present a panel discussion with the honorees of the 2017 James Foley Freedom Awards, hosted by New America.

Emma Beals, Arwa Damon and Delphine Halgand were chosen by the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation as this year’s awardees for their exemplary reporting on important stories from conflict zones, commitment to protection and security for journalists, advocating for Americans held hostage abroad, and dedication to covering human rights. These awards honor the legacy of James Foley, the journalist and humanitarian who was killed in Syria in 2014.

Join us on May 1 for a conversation with these remarkable women, who will share their experiences of working in conflict regions and discuss navigating an increasingly dangerous world for journalists. 

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Emma Beals @ejbeals
Freelance Investigative Journalist
Co-Founder, Frontline Freelance Register 

Arwa Damon @arwaCNN
Senior International Correspondent, CNN 
IWMF’s 2014 Courage in Journalism Award Winner 

Delphine Halgand 
US Director, Reporters Without Borders


Peter Bergen @PeterBergenCNN
Vice President, New America