Will Machines Replace Us?

An Indiana Humanities 'Chew on This' Dinner feat. New America
Indiana Humanities

When’s the last time you spoke to a teller at your bank? To a travel agent? When you go to the grocery, how often do you have an actual cashier check you out? We see the effects of automation all around us, from service and manufacturing, to the legal profession and trucking. Though only 6% of adults report losing hours or a job to automation, according to the Pew Research Center, another report by McKinsey Global predicts that 400 million jobs will be displaced by automation by 2030.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence and robotics are relieving workers of some kinds of repetitive, tedious and maybe even back-breaking labor. What may be less clear is what new jobs will arrive to provide income and a sense of purpose for those displaced by technology. Can new jobs be generated to replace those that are displaced? Is automation safe? Can we imagine income without work—and if so, what will we do with all this new free time?

Join Indiana Humanities on Wednesday, September 12 as we ask the question “Will Machines Replace Us?” during a special Chew on This at seven locations around the state, where you’ll share a meal and a fun, provocative conversation with other curious Hoosiers.

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