Collaboration for STEM Education, Research & Commercialization Forum

PARTNER EVENT: University of Notre Dame
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In our increasingly connected world, it is no longer enough to prepare students with static skills for predefined careers. New Indiana Career Readiness high school graduation requirements reflect broad-based awareness of these changing circumstances. The days of largely isolated educational institutions are fading fast...cross-sector collaboration is emerging to effectively prepare students of every age to become lifelong learners. This new generation of learners will continuously adapt for new and emerging careers in dynamic economies, and for participation and leadership in rapidly evolving communities.

This year's 12th annual Forum--presented by the University of Notre Dame--welcomes a broad range of leaders from educational, industry and civic sectors who are shaping the vision for education and workforce development in this new age, at state, regional and local levels.

New America Indy's Molly Martin will speak at the close of the day, reflecting on automation vulnerability for the region, readiness strategies, and opportunities for new economic development in the face of AI and new technology. Leaders and partners speaking throughout the day include:

Matt Modlin, Director of Digital Innovation, South Bend Community School Corporation

Trevor Muir, Author, Speaker, Teacher at the Epic Classroom

Chad Addie, Workforce & Education Innovation, Northern Indiana Workforce Board

Ben Carter, Director of Workforce and Innovation, Indiana Department of Education

Carrie Lively, Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Albert Hanselman, NorthCentral Area Vocational Cooperative

Mark Melnick, Executive Director, Workforce Strategic Partnerships, Ivy Tech Community College

Lawrence Greenspun, Director of Public Sector Engagement, Drucker Institute

Fred Teague, Consultant, Drucker Institute

Alkeyna Aldridge, Director of Engagement and Economic Empowerment, City of South Bend

Kevin Thompson, Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Walmart

Scott Ford, Associate Vice President for Economic Development, University of Notre Dame

Ryan Hill, Chief School Officer, Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Nathan Storm, Indiana Governor's Workforce Cabinet