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Nat Geo's 'American War Generals': A sad tale wrapped around a big contradiction

If this was the greatest army in history, why was it unable to prevail in Afghanistan and Iraq?

J-10B “Vigorous Dragon” Fighter Jets Are A Full Set, Soon To Be A Regiment

New pictures have emerged of additional production models of the J-10B “Vigorous Dragon” fighter jets, one of the latest planes to equip Chi

Reshape Reclassification Policies for Youngest Language Learners, Report Says

If we don't make policy changes soon, according to a new report, America runs the risk of losing its fastest-growing resource: students who

What Jimmy Carter did right

In the aftermath of Watergate, Carter understood that the way government worked was as important as the specific policies that the governmen

The Cost of NSA Surveillance

The cost of NSA surveillance.

Wooing Wall Street execs

“To attract more foreign direct investment in the United States, Mr. Modi quite simply needs to improve the business climate in India,” said

Neal Cuthbert: New MN law supports English language learners, among our greatest assets

We also consulted with Conor P. Williams, Ph.D., of the New America Foundation, who helped us understand LEAPS in the context of a national

Smartphone Encryption Restores Public Trust in Technology

The choice by Apple and Google to incorporate privacy-as-default features into their products adds a populist element to privacy vs. state s

America's wartime president

Many Muslims hoped that the first African-American president, who had opposed the Iraq War as a candidate, would be quite different than his

Jihadist threat not as big as you think

The sudden public emergence of the Khorasan group as a threat underlines the fact that the global jihadist movement, which at the time of th

Literary Lions Unite in Protest Over Amazon’s E-Book Tactics

The letter to the Justice Department is being written by Barry C. Lynn, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation and author of “Cornere

Pro-Democracy Protests Continue in Hong Kong

“Pro-democracy” demonstrators continue to pack the streets of Hong Kong in the thousands, defying local police who have fired tear gas to di