2. Who Has What: Countries with Drones Used in Combat

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Chief Warrant Officer William D. Crow

Who Has What: Countries with Drones Used in Combat

For nearly a decade, the small group of armed drone users was limited to the the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel. But that club expanded with the entry of Pakistan in 2015. Pakistan used its domestic model, the Burraq—modeled after the Chinese CH-3—to strike militants in the North Waziristan tribal region. The Pakistani government announced the strike publicly.

Nigeria and Iraq both used versions of China’s popular Caihong drone when striking at militants within their borders in February and May respectively. Turkey launched a strike in 2016 against presumed ISIS militants on its border region just a year after demonstrating armed drone development capability. Iran also launched its first strike in 2016, though it has been developing its drone capability for decades.
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Countries with Drones Used in Combat