In Depth

Measuring Broadband in Alexandria City Schools


I. Introduction

In the majority of America’s schools, broadband connects students to learning opportunities that were previously unreachable.

II. The Project: Measuring Broadband in Schools

In 2015, New America partnered with Virginia’s Alexandria City Public Schools to analyze the use of use of new technologies in the classroom

III. Teacher Survey and Discussions

Teachers have devised a number of strategies to deal with the connectivity challenges in their classrooms.

IV. Broadband Measurement

The study leveraged the open source tests, tools, and open data provided by M-Lab to measure broadband speeds in ACPS classrooms.

V. Measurement Findings

There must be a clear feedback loop between data on overall network capacity and performance measurement in the classroom.

VI. Policy Recommendations

Education leaders at the federal, state, and local levels need to work together to support online teaching and learning.

VII. Conclusion

Every state can help its schools avoid some of the growing pains of digital adoption by learning from these lessons.