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Ben Carson's Cybersecurity Plan Is Terrible. But At Least He Has One.

It’s old news by now that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson—despite his medical degree—has a tenuous relationship with science.

Cuba's Irreversible Internet

Laritza Diversent, a Cuban lawyer, once explained why she wrote a blog.

Down With Gadget Guilt

You shouldn’t feel bad about buying tech toys for your kids.

Should We Outsource Emotional Labor to Robots?

Cuddly mechanical bears and seals may seem harmless, but there’s a real risk to depending on machines for comfort.

What Experiments to Block Out the Sun Can't Tell Us

Using technology to fix climate change requires careful research—but that’s easier said than done.

Let's Celebrate 2015 as a Year of Progress in Tech Inclusion

Fewer anecdotes, more action.

How the FCC Got Its Groove Back in 2015

The commission’s bold moves this year will shape the future of the Internet.

Hunting Osama and searching for the right employee: Column

Future Tense Fellow Jamie Holmes writes that, in an uncertain world, we're all intelligence analysts now.

In praise of intellectual uncertainty

“Nonsense,” by Jamie Holmes, a fellow at the public-policy think tank New America, explores ambiguity and uncertainty, arguing that in many

US ambassadors in diplomatic limbo as they wait for Senate approval

Andrés Martinez, a fellow at New America, a Washington-based thinktank, said: “No bilateral relationship is more important to US vital inter

Week ahead: Defense policy bill, take two

On Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee will look at the "Future of Warfare" with former officials and top defense experts, includin

Embracing the Unknown

Scholars have sliced and diced the terms “ambiguity,” “uncertainty,” and “ignorance,” among others, in a variety of different ways. Oftentim