Announcing the 2024 #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellows

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Jan. 9, 2024

We are excited to announce our Class of 2024 #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellows. Our second cohort of 7 Fellows will be focusing on a range of consequential cybersecurity topics that will crosscut policy issues in 2024 and beyond. The research our Fellows conduct are a glimpse into what are the wicked questions that our next generation of cybersecurity leaders are focused on.

The #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship received proposals from diverse, midcareer professionals to conduct independent projects and research on a cybersecurity issue of their choice. During their fellowship, Fellows will attend professional development workshops aimed at strengthening their public engagement skills, network with experts, and publish their work with New America.

Meet our 2024 #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellows

Elie Alhajjar will be working on a framework modeling the spread and impact of mis/dis/malinformation.

Alija Blackwell will be researching the impacts of surveillance technologies on frontline communities recovering from natural disasters.

Jennifer Dickey will be researching the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of brain-computer interface technologies with a focus on privacy.

Gabrielle Hibbert will be working on educational resources for non-developers to navigate generative AI content.

Francisca Afua Opoku-Boateng will be researching the intersection of open-source intelligence and cyber forensics with a focus on privacy.

Pavlina Pavlova will be building on her past work and research the gendered impacts of data weaponization and how these cyberattacks can impact international security.

Michael Razeeq will be continuing his previous work on volunteer civilian cybersecurity cops and develop a legal framework to guide development of civilian cyber defense programs.

About the #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship

The #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship (#STMIC Fellowship) is a program providing cybersecurity professionals from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to conduct policy research and analysis, access professional development, examine critical cyber security issues, and explore questions of diversity and the human side of cybersecurity. We believe that diversity in cybersecurity is vital to national security, and are focused on investing in promising leaders reflective of our nation and global community.

We are thankful for the support of Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Google.