[ONLINE] - Our Cyber Future: Next Generation Perspectives on the Future of Cybersecurity


The commercial availability of generative AI, rise of the data market, and heightened supply chain security are only some of the developments that have sharpened the national focus on cybersecurity as an individual, business, and security imperative. How do these transformations impact our technology landscape in the years to come? What can be done to secure our collective future as our lives become increasingly digitized? Learning how our next-generation leaders see our present problems is one key to securing our nation's future. 

The #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship invites you to join our inaugural fellows for a roundtable discussion moderated by Tonya Riley (CyberScoop) on today’s biggest cybersecurity questions. Our Fellows, who have conducted research in extended reality, cybersecurity impacts on Black communities, workforce development, and cybersecurity law, will be highlighting their work, as well as contributing to a conversation about the National Cybersecurity Strategy, digital literacy, and emerging technology. Come learn how our diverse, next-generation of leaders see the future of cybersecurity. 

The #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship is a program providing cybersecurity professionals from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to conduct policy research and analysis, access professional development, examine critical cyber security issues, and explore questions of diversity and the human side of cybersecurity. We believe that diversity in cybersecurity is vital to national security, and are focused on investing in promising leaders reflective of our nation and global community.


Michael Garcia
#ShareTheMicInCyber Fellow
Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans at the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Dr. Safi Mojidi
#ShareTheMicInCyber Fellow
Founder, Hacking the Workforce

Thomas Rowland
#ShareTheMicInCyber Fellow
Researcher, City of New York

Lili Timmerman
#ShareTheMicInCyber Fellow
Partner, Perry Law


Tonya Riley
Reporter, CyberScoop