[ONLINE] - Housing and COVID-19, Pt. II

Local Responses to the Pandemic

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 is grinding the United States economy to a halt. Unemployment claims are skyrocketing, and economists are warning of a recession or worse. Amid “shelter-in-place” orders and another month of social distancing, many Americans are questioning how they’ll pay their rent or mortgage.

The Trump administration has placed a nationwide moratorium on most federally-backed mortgages, and Congress’ $2.2 trillion stimulus package contains billions in housing funds. Yet the current crisis lays clear that local disaster responses are often most critical for saving lives, jobs, and homes.

Please join New America’s Future of Property Rights Program for a panel conversation with local housing experts from Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Winston-Salem. We will discuss state-, county-, and city-level responses to the housing fallout of COVID-19, and what more can be done to protect renters and homeowners in the midst of the pandemic.


Amy Nelson

Executive Director, Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

Dan Kornelis
Director, Community & Economic Development, Forsyth County, North Carolina

Joanna Carr
Research and Policy Coordinator, Arizona Housing Coalition


Tim Robustelli

Program Associate, Future of Property Rights, New America

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