Toronto: Ex-Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes Slams Trump-Era Foreign Policy

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Photo: (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Media Outlet: The Hollywood Reporter

Greg Barker had his film, The Final Year, released at the Toronto Film Festival this month. The Hollywood Reporter covered what Ben Rhodes had to say after a screening of the documentary:

Ben Rhodes, the longtime aide to former President Barack Obama, ripped President Donald Trump for under-cutting American diplomacy and foreign aid overseas on Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.
"I don't think we're showing up anymore ... if we're not showing up, no one else is," he said during a Q&A after a screening of The Final Year, Greg Barker's fly-on-the-wall documentary on Obama's foreign policy team during their last year in office.
"It does make me upset that I don't think the government representing my country is doing that anymore," continued Rhodes, as Barker and former ambassador Samantha Power also fielded questions from the Scotiabank audience. The former deputy national security advisor and speechwriter for Obama added The Final Year may inspire young Americans to remain active in the political process during the Trump era.

In the News:

Greg Barker, ASU Future of War Fellow, will release the feature documentary The Final Year, a sweeping insiders’ account of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team during their last year in office.